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Smokeless Tobacco Cessation

Why Quitting Smokeless Tobacco Could Be The Most Important Decision Any Will Ever Make.

The smokeless tobacco addiction is potentially MORE dangerous and devastating than an addiction to smoking cigarettes.   

Research sponsored by the National Institutes on Drug Abuse, the National Cancer Institute, and the American Cancer Society indicates that chewing or dipping tobacco poses serious risks of being exposed to higher amounts of cancer-causing chemicals than traditional smoking.

Glamorized by sports heroes who dip or chew, many have started their addiction as early as the age of 9. Some of the "lighter" consequences of their deadly habit include bad breath, ugly teeth stains, bleeding gums, tooth loss and mouth sores (around 70% of smokeless tobacco users acquire them).
And by the time that many of these youngsters turn 18, they are devastated by horrible diseases such as heart attacks and cancer of the head, neck, mouth and throat. 

There is nothing quite as ugly as a face ravaged by tumors or cancer, except maybe how the victim's face looks after having surgery to amputate the jaw bone, lips, or tongue. Unfortunately, in most cases the surgical massacre of the victim's face really doesn't matter, because they are dead within a year anyway.
No doubt that quitting dipping or quitting chewing tobacco is a MUST for anyone who values their health and life. The consequences of continuing this addiction are catastrophic.

Want to learn how to quit dipping or how to quit chewing tobacco... effectively, quickly, easily and with absolutely NO willpower required?

You can quit for good in just one session. You will not feel any anger, discomfort, anxiety, or moodiness. You will never take another dip after you leave our offices and we back it up with a written LIFETIME guarantee.