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Public Speaking

Did you know that the fear of public speaking is the number one fear! 

When it comes to speaking in front of a group most of us are plain and simply afraid! Afraid of what people will think about us, afraid of what will happen if we forget what we want to say, and afraid that we will mess up and make a fool of ourselves. But fear is not rational, it’s emotional and it stems from different level of our minds. So therefore, no matter how much we try and change a fearful behavior with a rational approach, it just won’t work. If it did you would have already done this for yourself. In order resolve the fear, we need to work with the level of our minds in which the fear was created – our unconscious. Once we resolve the fear at this level, we can then begin to implement new strategies and resourceful behaviors that will allow you to speak fearlessly in front of a group or audience.

One session is normally all it takes to eliminate the fear of public speaking!

The next step in becoming a confident and comfortable presenter is to change your state of mind from dread to knowing why this is ultimately important for your audience. This helps take the pressure off of you, and place the emphasis where it belongs, on your audience. It becomes more about them and what they have to gain rather than how you “must perform” as an individual. When we take the pressure off of ourselves, we can remain relaxed and calm so that our thoughts are able to flow more freely. When in a calm State of Mind, we don’t “just” deliver a presentation; we can also interact with the audience and think quickly and sharply on our feet when called upon.  One session is all it takes!